"In Amanda's Shadow"

Composed between 1/01/92 - 1/30/92 with MOD Edit v2.0. And brought, finally to the IT format in MOD Plug Tracker on September 14, 2003.

This MOD is based on a character in a book I am writing. I won't tell you any more than that since it is still a work in progress and so much changes from day to day that anything I say here would be inacurate in two weeks.

My friends and I like this song, and that's good enough reason to share it with you as well. Just think; one day you might read my book... or maybe not. Being a struggling musician, artist, and writer who often entertains ideas of engaging in performing arts as well, there are a great deal of things I never get around to starting or finishing. Oh well. Wish me luck.

"In Amanda's shadow" is an original work, © Copyright 2003 Jace Cavacini, all rights reserved. It is being freely distributed for private listening only.