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Remixes of other artists' work:

the perfect drug (dysamoria coming down) - a remix of nine inch nails' "the perfect drug." under 3 minutes, the calmer part of the song, drawn out a bit. © nin. You can also check it out from

I Feel Loved (dysamoria softmix) - a remix of Depeche Mode's "I Feel Loved" done originally for a Sony Acid contest, but was never submitted. refreshed. enjoy. © Depeche Mode.

Red Light Ballroom demo songs
Years ago, the band "Red Light Ballroom" was doing vocalist auditions. i recorded some vocals onto the three demo tracks and even performed an audition at the band's house (it was great fun). i wrote the words at the time when elise was just about done pulling her cruel and heartless 180 on me, and that was a strong influence on the words.

"some boys are fools"
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words/titles/vocals © me.

"i chose the stars, she chose the sea"
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words/titles/vocals © me.

"last confession"
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words/titles/vocals © me.

music © Red Light Ballroom.
(The band is defunct, so i removed the URL to their dead site)

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MOD music:
(old and cheesy; you've been warned - if you need to know what a MOD is, go here)

Title Format Description
Adrenal flow IT (zipped) Description
Alive and well MOD (zipped) Description
In Amanda's shadow IT (zipped) Description
Back on track XM (zipped) Description
Blood ties (Go to sleep, Tommy) MOD (zipped) Description
Chronic XM (zipped) Description
Determination IT (zipped) Description
The day's wind MOD (zipped) Description
In blue XM (zipped) Description
His moment cut short XM (zipped) Description
Peace never stays XM (zipped) Description
Waiting for more IT (zipped) Description
Glider in the sky IT (zipped) Description
Hall of faces MOD (zipped) Description
I am still here IT (zipped) Description
"His moment cut short" and "Peace never stays" were featured by Eric Bell's "MOD Philes" column in the Nov/Dec '97 issue of "Music and Computers" magazine. Read the article here. The MOD Archive has two reviews for "Glider in the sky (read here).

MOD players for specific operating systems: BeOS, Windows, Mac OS.
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sounds of suffering

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