"Glider in the sky"

Composed between 10/01/93 - 4/10/94 with Composer 669 v1.3, then translated to the MultiTracker Module Editor as an MTM (and finally converted to Impulse Tracker format in MOD Plug Tracker).

This song is incidental music to a story that had been rolling around in my head for awhile...

The main character has discovered a Glider (actually, a little plane with a small engine). She wants so badly to be able to run away from the troubles in her closed society that she steals the little plane.

She marvels at the beauty seen from far above in the sky and heads out to find a new place to live. Rumor has it that another settlement may exist outside the boundaries of her own... a place where the people are more tolerant... a place where she will be seen as normal and not defective...

"Glider in the sky" is an original work, © Copyright 2003 Jace Cavacini, all rights reserved. It is being freely distributed for private listening only.