"His Moment Cut Short"

Composed between 11/01/95 and 7/10/96 with MultiTracker Module Editor and FastTracker2.

This song was created for The Nation's Missing Children Organization, Inc. (NMCO). NMCO was founded in 1994 by Kym Pasqualini to aide the families of abduction victims; To help in the search for their loved ones and to raise awareness to prevent future abductions. NMCO works directly with families of missing children and young adults, law enforcement and other missing children organizations to continue recovery efforts through national distribution of photographs and information. In 2002, this organization expanded to include missing persons over age 18. Please visit their web site for more information.


The Nation's Missing Children Organization, Inc.
12235 N. Cave Creek Rd.
Suite 6
Phoenix, AZ 85022

National Center for Missing Adults
2432 West Peoria Avenue, Suite 1286
Phoenix, Arizona 85029

Telephone Access:
Direct: (602) 749-2000
Hotline: (800) 690-FIND
Fax: (602) 749-2020

"His moment cut short" is an original work, © Copyright 2003 Jace Cavacini, all rights reserved. It is being freely distributed for private listening only.