"In blue"

Track length: 1:56
Composed between 1/01/94 and 8/21/97 with MultiTracker Module Editor, and FastTracker2.

Slow. Calm. A little anxiety. You're wading in blue. Your heart is heavy. Too many souls are touching your memories. Calm. Why does this take so long...?

This is dedicated to the effort of pushing uncomfortable (ex-comforting) memories out and living for new... it takes so long to complete... Sometimes I wonder if it ever fully raises its weight. Unrespected dedication and overzealous independence... I've come full circle and a half. Don't weigh me down... I've done that to a bird in flight before. The heavier they are... ("Maybe just once...") I will try to be stronger than that. For you.

"In blue" is an original work, © Copyright 2003 Jace Cavacini, all rights reserved. It is being freely distributed for private listening only.