"Go to sleep, Tommy (Blood ties)"
Formerly known as "Tommy.mod"

This is an older MOD, composed between 1/01/92 - 1/30/93 with MOD Edit v2.0... so take that into account when you listen to it.

This is the third release of my original four channel Tommy.mod. Third release updates the information inside the sample list but makes no changes to the music. I would like to release this song professionally some day, so there are a few refined versions on my system awaiting their day. The "Tommy" and "Go to sleep, Tommy" voice samples are from Negativland's "A big 10-8 place." Please visit Negativland here. All other samples are from classic, uncredited Sound Tracker MODs from the younger days of Tracking.

if you have seen a certain Volkswagon car commercial and you think that this music is a rip off of that commercial's song, this is NOT true. At first I thought I was being ripped off. My song was created MANY years ago when MOD Edit version 2.0 came out for the IBM/PC-compatible computer. There is NO WAY that I copied this commercial's music to make my song. I was (and still am) quite put off by the similarity between that song and my own, but I can find no reason to believe that I was ripped off. Besides, the commercial's cool and so is the music. Life goes on.

"Go to sleep, Tommy (Blood ties)" is an original work, © Copyright 2003 Jace Cavacini, all rights reserved. It is being freely distributed for private listening only.